CRUISE (Context Recognition, Urban Sensing and Intelligence) research group, led by Dr. Salim, meets weekly to discuss research ideas and papers in A*/A journal and conferences in ubiquitous computing, data mining, spatio-temporal and time-series data analysis, knowledge discovery, machine learning, and pattern recognition from sensor data. Members include current PhD students and their co-supervisors, and postdocs. We share our codes and some sample datasets in our CRUISE GitHub repository.



Behaviour Analytics of Indoor Occupants

This project will deploy machine learning to human behaviour and building operational data …

Swarming: Micro-flight Data Capture and Analysis

In response to the urgent need for more site specific and vertical environmental …

Time-series Forecasting and Segmentation

Today, we are faced with the increasing growth of ubiquitous sensors in various fields, …

Multi-resolution Situation Recognition for Urban-Aware Smart Assistant

This research aims to develop a framework to recognise and anticipate unforeseen emerging …

Deep Learning for Situation Awareness in Airport Operations

This project that is funded by Northrop Grumman Corporation investigates the patterns of …

Microsoft RMIT Cortana Intelligence Institute

Cortana Intelligence Institute is a co-funded initiative between Microsoft Research, …

Monington Peninsula Smart Parking and Amenities for High Demand Areas

The Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) will develop a Smart Technology project to address …

User Context and Community Modelling using Proximity Signals and Cyber, Physical, Social Behaviours

The modeling of social and mobility networks continues to gain importance in a variety of …

Latest News

   A newly awarded Qatar NPRP grant on crowd monitoring for World Cup 2022 is just being announced. A PhD and postdoc position available.
   Flora is the TPC Co-Chair of ACM UbiComp 2020.
   Flora is an Associate Investigator in the new ARC Centre of Excellence in Automated Decision Making and Society.
   Flora is the General Co-Chair of IEEE MDM 2020
   Flora is on research leave from RMIT. She is currently on the Humboldt-Bayer Fellowship (experienced fellow / visiting prof), supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Bayer Foundation, at University of Kassel, Germany, from August 2019 to Feb 2020. More info..

Team Members

PhD Students


Kai Qin

Spatio-temporal Data, Machine Learning, Graph Alignment & Optimisation


Shohreh Deldari

Multi-dimensional Time Series Analysis, Deep Learning in Temporal Data


Ali Hamdi

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Text Mining


Arian Prabowo

Spatio-temporal Data, Neural Network, Deep Learning of Trajectories


Futoon Abu Shaqra

Deep Learning, Data Science, Sequential Data


Nao Gao

Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Sensing, Human-computer Interaction


Sichen Zhao

Deep Learning, Data Mining


Yonchanok Khaokaew

Machine Learning, Behavior Modeling & Smart City



Hao Xue

Trajectory Prediction, Spatio-temporal Data Mining, Computer Vision


Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman

IoT, Machine Learning, Spatio-temporal Pattern Mining, Context Recognition in Pervasive Environments


Wei Shao

Deep Learning, Spatio-temporal Data Analysis, Activity Recognition

Faculty Members


Flora Salim

Associate Professor

Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Computing, Spatio-temporal Data


Yongli Ren

Senior Lecturer

Personalisation, Recommender System, Collaborative Filtering



Amin Sadri

Senior Data Scientist, ANZ

Mathematics, Machine Learning, Data Science


Hui Song

Research Fellow, School of Engineering, RMIT

Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Data Mining


Irvan Bastian Arief

Associate Vice President of Data Science,, Indonesia

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics


Jonathan Liono

Senior Data Scientist, AiDA Technologies, Singapore

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Sensing


Manpreet Kaur

Lead Technical Engineer, Tableau Software, USA

Software Engineering, Graph, Recommender system


Shakila Khan Rumi

Research Fellow, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW, Australia

Data Mining, Mobility Analysis